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Punctuation Worksheets

Punctuation Worksheets

Punctuation Worksheets are a great way to fill in the gaps in one’s memory of what they read. You can find them at almost any bookstore and online. You can also find them in English, French and German versions. The worksheets come with five categories of punctuation and an example sentence. Since you might be missing some of the grammar you will need to learn, you can take an online course to help you learn it.

Punctuation worksheets are very important. You have to learn how to correctly punctuate your sentences and it is much easier if you are able to learn it from a beginning level. Try to see what you think of sentences that do not use correct punctuation. Also, try to see what you think of sentences that do use correct punctuation. If you want to really impress your English teacher, take an online course that includes classroom exercises that can help you really understand the right way to punctuate your sentence. In fact, your teacher might be able to actually take the examples you write and give you a grade on it in a class!

Learning punctuation comes with a learning curve. It does not happen overnight and you will not become fluent just by one or two lessons. You will need to dedicate time to the skill every day. Remember, there is nothing wrong with taking an online course to help you learn it. There are many and they can cost less than $20 a month. However, remember that it is something that will change your life. It will give you more confidence when writing and you will be much better with grammar!

Free punctuation worksheets

Punctuation Worksheets
Punctuation Worksheets

These grammar worksheets cover elementary school punctuation skills, including ending punctuation, punctuating dates, addresses and letters, commas, quotation marks, apostrophes, contractions, and colons.

Kindergarten punctuation worksheets

  • Ending punctuation

Grade 1 punctuation worksheets

  • Ending punctuation
  • Periods, question marks and exclamation marks
  • Writing dates
  • Using commas to separate items in a list

Grade 2 punctuation worksheets

  • Punctuating letters
  • Placing commas after Yes, No and Sure
  • Punctuate sentences with commas
  • Apostrophes and contractions
  • Negative contractions
  • Apostrophes and possession
  • Confusing apostrophes ( they’re / there / there; it’s / its; you’re / your)
  • Ending punctuation
  • Story punctuation

Grade 3 punctuation worksheets

  • Punctuating addresses
  • Punctuating dialogue
  • Apostrophes and possession (ownership)
  • Possessive vs plural worksheets

Grade 4 punctuation worksheets

  • Quotation marks
  • Punctuating speech & dialogue
  • Direct and indirect quotations
  • It’s of its?
  • Commas to separate items in series
  • Comma practice
  • Apostrophes and possession
  • Contractions

Grade 5 punctuation worksheets

  • Separating items in a series with commas
  • Separating items in a series with semi-colons
  • Colons
  • Introductory words and phrases
  • Direct address
  • Question tags
  • Capitalizing and formatting titles
  • Comma practice
  • Punctuation practice
Punctuation Worksheets

Gallery For Punctuation Worksheets

Punctuation Worksheets