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Pronouns Worksheets

Pronouns Worksheets

If you are wondering how to learn pronouns then Pronouns Worksheets is the solution. Many children who have learned that there are two genders actually have trouble with the gender that others find it convenient to label them. For example, if they are one of the “boys” that may be awkward if they were born a girl. It can be hard for children to understand that there are two sexes, but there is a simple solution to it. With the proper training, children will learn to understand that “he”she” are not always the correct terms to use when referring to their gender.

One option that parents should consider is creating different “nouns”. You can also ask your child if they have a preference in what they prefer to call themselves. To find out their answers, you can ask them to write down three nouns that they want to be called by. If you don’t want to ask them to write down any specific words then you could ask them to make up their own words. Another method that parents can use is to choose names that they think will be easier for their child to recognize when they are older. If they are curious about the pronoun options available to them then this could be an option. Again, these are just a few options available.

When trying to teach your child pronouns they can use Pronouns Worksheets which provides them with more flexibility. When using this you can customize your child’s written responses to the pronouns that you are teaching them. Once your child knows the basics of pronouns, then they can get more advanced lessons. Remember, your child’s need to know how to use pronouns because it will make them feel more comfortable with the world around them. They will be able to more clearly see and read other people’s emotions because they know what they are labeled as, instead of simply having it decided for them.

Free pronoun worksheets

Pronouns Worksheets
Pronouns Worksheets

These grammar worksheets help students learn to recognize and use pronouns. Pronouns are words that can substitute for nouns in a sentence.

Grade 1 pronouns worksheets

  • Matching pronouns to nouns
  • Personal pronouns
  • Changing nouns to pronouns
  • Use possessive pronouns (his, mine …) to complete sentences.
  • Use indefinite pronouns (anybody, somebody ..) to complete sentences

Grade 2 pronouns worksheets

  • Using the pronouns “I” and “me”
  • Replacing nouns with personal pronouns
  • Rewrite sentences with common pronouns
  • Match reflexive pronouns to pronouns (“I-myself”)
  • Write reflexive pronouns in sentences

Grade 3 pronouns worksheets

  • Replacing nouns with pronouns
  • Completing sentences with pronouns
  • Pronoun antecedent agreement
  • Subject and object pronouns

Grade 4 pronoun worksheets

  • Pronoun agreement
  • Who, whom or whose?
  • That or which?
  • Relative pronouns

Grade 5 pronoun worksheets

  • Points of view (1st person, 2nd person …)
  • Possessive, relative and indefinite pronouns
  • Pronoun – noun agreement
Pronouns Worksheets

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Pronouns Worksheets