Grade 5 Verbs Worksheets

Grade 5 Verbs Worksheets

Using verbs worksheets for fifth grade is one of the most effective ways to get students to be more attentive and to make sure that they are paying attention when they are supposed to. Children are very quick to get distracted by other activities that they might find distracting. For instance, a child might hear their teacher talking, and they will get distracted and start to pick things up off the floor, such as pencils or pens. If the teacher gets distracted, a student could pick up the pen and then scribble some notes on it, which will probably get him or her in trouble. By using these worksheets, the teacher can easily remind the student of what they were supposed to do, and he or she will not be so distracted by the activity. Also, students need to realize that they are supposed to pay attention when they are supposed to, so if they are given the tasks to pay attention to, they will do it as well.

As a parent, you should also realize that you are helping your child with his or her homework by making sure that he or she is doing something right. You should also consider using the same words that the teacher uses when talking about the topic being discussed. Some of the popular verbs are active, passive, active plus, passive plus, and action. These words help to emphasize the different parts of a verb, and it is very easy for children to remember them. These verbs are also very easy to remember for adults and should be used when speaking about things. For example, “I have to do my homework,” or “I have to read my worksheet.” These will also help your child to keep focus on the task at hand, and that is to do his or her homework.

Another thing that parents can do is to make sure that they are following the rules when they are going to monitor how their child’s work is being done. If a child does not know the rules for his or her class, or if a student is acting up in class, the teacher can help by using the verbs to help control how the student behaves. Parents can also offer constructive criticism to the students so that they will be able to use their skills instead of acting up in class.

Verbs worksheets for fifth grade

Grade 5 Verbs Worksheets
Grade 5 Verbs Worksheets

Our grade 5 verbs worksheets focus on more advanced topics related to verb tenses. We cover the past, present and future perfect tenses and introduce the progressive tenses (also called the continuous tenses). There are several worksheets on verb conjugation and consistent use of verb tenses within texts.

Perfect tense

  • Perfect tenses introduction – one worksheet each on the past, present or future perfect tense
  • Perfect tenses – is the sentence in the past, present or future perfect tense?
  • Using perfect tenses – select the correct form of the verb in the sentences

Progressive tense

  • Past, present and future – use simple and progressive forms of past – present – future tenses
  • Perfect progressive tenses – complete sentences using perfect progressive tenses

Improving verb usage

  • Verb conjugation – select the correct form of the verb
  • Noun-verb agreement – singular / plural agreement between nouns and verbs
  • Descriptive verbs – improve writing by using descriptive verbs
  • Time and sequence – use verbs to define time and sequence

Correcting verb usage and tenses

  • Correcting verb tenses – rewrite the sentences, correcting the verb tenses
  • Verb tense shifts (1) – fix the incorrect verb tense shifts in these sentences.
  • Verb tense shifts (2) – fix the verb tense shifts in these longer texts.
  • Verb tense practice – complete these longer texts with verbs in the proper tense