Grade 5 Parts of Speech Worksheets

Grade 5 Parts of Speech Worksheets

Grade 5 Parts of Speech Worksheets – One of the most important ways to help your fifth graders improve their English skills is by providing them with grammar worksheets. This will help them build up their skills in the specific area of grammar that they are struggling with. However, even when your child is struggling with grammar, they may still want to take the time to read a book about how to properly use proper grammar. It is important to encourage your child to read along as much as possible, so the more practice they can get, the better they will become at reading.

A worksheet for fifth grade will show your child how to use the proper rules and sentence structure to improve their grammar skills, and it will also give them tips on their reading. When your child learns to read well, it will make it easier for them to learn to write and spell. This will also provide them with a foundation in English language and grammar that they can work from. Therefore, it is very important to start developing this skill early on.

One of the best ways to develop your child’s skills in these specific areas is to begin reading with them as often as possible. As a parent, you will need to read along with them so that they can build up their skills and knowledge about the written English language. This will help to improve their comprehension of the text, and also provide them with a feeling of accomplishment when they finish the book. As a result, they will be able to process what they read and understand it better. This will help them become more confident in speaking and writing, as well.

Other parts of speech worksheets for fifth grade

Grade 5 Parts of Speech Worksheets
Grade 5 Parts of Speech Worksheets

These worksheets focus on the use of prepositions (at, to in, from ….), prepositional phrases (by the water), interjections (Wow!) and conjunctions.  Grade 5 nouns, verbs and pronouns worksheets are found in a separate section. 


  • Identifying prepositions – identify which words are prepositions
  • Choosing prepositions – correct the use of prepositions in the sentences
  • Writing with prepositions – fill in the missing blanks in the text with prepositions
  • Prepositional phrases – identify the preposition and the prepositional phrases
  • Prepositional phrases as adjectives – write prepositional phrases to describe nouns


  • Identify interjections – Find the interjections (Wow!, Ouch!) in the sentences
  • Writing interjections – add appropriate interjections to the sentences
  • Mild or strong interjections – decide whether the interjections are mild or strong, and punctuate appropriately


  • Coordinating conjunctions – combine sentences using a coordinating conjunction and a comma
  • Subordinating conjunctions – combine sentences using a subordinating conjunction from the word bank
  • Coordinating or subordinating? – identify what type of conjunction the sentence has
  • Correlative conjunctions – complete the sentences with correlative conjunctions (not – but, either – or, ….)