Grade 4 Adjectives and Adverbs Worksheets

Grade 4 Adjectives and Adverbs Worksheets

Grade 4 Adjectives and Adverbs Worksheets – Learn to construct sentences using both adjective and adverbs in the fourth grade. One of the best ways to learn to do this is by using adjective and adverb worksheets for fourth grade. What is a worksheet? It is a sheet of paper that you place on your desk that contains a writing prompt on it. On these worksheets, you are shown how to construct sentences by using a variety of writing prompts that usually contain some sort of subject. These can be very challenging, but they will give you a good grounding in grammar if you study them diligently.

For fourth grade, you will learn how to construct sentences that use adjectives and adverbs. This means that you will be exposed to different combinations of these two components of speech that you have not used before. When you are studying these worksheets, try to make sure that you do not do them exactly the way that they are written. Some writing prompts will ask you to use both nouns and verbs, while others will give you only one option. Some prompts will also ask you to use only one type of adjective, and other prompts will provide you with two options.

In fourth grade, you will be given written worksheets that have to do with grammar. You will also be given independent written worksheets, which will ask you to work independently with an instructor. All of these written worksheets are a valuable teaching tool because they offer many challenges that do not exist in more advanced classes. However, you should take this into consideration when trying to decide whether or not these challenges are truly worthwhile when it comes to fourth grade.

Adjective and adverbs worksheets for fourth grade

Grade 4 Adjectives and Adverbs Worksheets
Grade 4 Adjectives and Adverbs Worksheets

Our grade 4 adjectives worksheets focus on using the correct order of adjectives within sentences ( the big, blue car rather than the blue, big car).  Our grade 4 adverbs worksheets focus on relative adverbs, in particular “where, why and when”.

Ordering of adjectives

  • Ordering adjectives – choose the correct order of adjectives
  • Correcting order of adjectives – fix the order of adjectives in these sentences
  • Adjectives following nouns – identify subjects, linking verbs and adjectives

Relative Adverbs

  • Where, why and when – selecting between where, why and when
  • Relative adverbs – complete the texts with relative adverbs