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Grade 3 Verbs Worksheets

Grade 3 Verbs Worksheets

Grade 3 Verbs worksheets have a particular way of teaching children with different types of verbs. Many studies have proven that Grade three students do better on Verb worksheets than on a standard vocabulary test, because they understand each of the elements of a verb – action, result, and cause. Verbs teach children at least three elements of language that are crucial to their success in school and beyond. They teach children how to connect action and result with the word that leads to that action. And finally, they teach children the difference between a person and an object and how to identify a noun or pronoun in a sentence.

The Verbs worksheet begins with a base line which indicates where the child is standing when the instruction is given. In this case, the base line is at the right of the worksheet. Next, the child takes turns reading down the line. The first row of Verbs then sets up the four basic types of Verbs. This helps the child to make connections between actions and the two different types of Verbs. The next row of Verbs then presents the word for each of the four basic types of Verbs.

Each of the four basic types of Verbs is presented in a different color. For example, the word ‘have’ is written in red. The second word, ‘do,’ is written in blue. Then, the third word, ‘to,’ is written in yellow. Finally, the last word, ‘because,’ is written in green. These are followed by the Instructions for performing the verb. The final instructions are generally on a different line of the worksheet and can be used to simply reinforce what has been learned or for more advanced instruction.

Verbs worksheets for third grade

Grade 3 Verbs Worksheets
Grade 3 Verbs Worksheets

Our grade 3 verb worksheets cover normal verb usage, subject-verb agreement, verb tenses including the progressive verb tenses, and the distinctions between action verbs, linking verbs and helping verbs.

Verb usage worksheets

  • Identifying verbs – circle the verbs in the sentences
  • Verbs and nouns – circle the verbs and underline the nouns in the word list
  • Verbs and sentences – identify the verbs and complete the sentences with them
  • Commonly confused verbs – will / would; can / may; raise / rise / rose
  • Phrasal verbs – underline the phrasal verbs (e.g. “pick up”)
  • Subject-verb agreement – write the form (singular / plural) of the verb that agrees with the subject

Action verbs, linking verbs and helping verbs

  • Action verbs – identify and use action verbs in sentences
  • Linking verbs – identify linking verbs (am, is, are …) in sentences
  • Action verb or linking verb? – classify verbs as action verbs or linking verbs
  • Helping verbs – underline the main verb and circle the helping verb (e.g. have seen)

Verb tenses

  • Past, present of future? – is the sentence in the past, present or future?
  • Irregular verbs – complete the sentence using the past tense of the irregular verbs
  • Past and present tenses – rewrite sentences in the present or past tenses
  • Progressive verb tenses – write verbs in their past, present and future progressive form

Grade 3 Verbs Worksheets

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Grade 3 Verbs Worksheets