Grade 3 Adjectives Worksheets

Grade 3 Adjectives Worksheets to help students in understanding their meanings. Many students are not aware of the way they work, which is part of the reason why they find it difficult to study. These types of worksheets to help students understand their subject by creating diagrams that are easy to understand.

A worksheet like this can help students to understand their subject, including its definition, its relation to others, its uses, and its adverb’s meanings. For example, in a word search, a student will get the answer using an adverb, while a student using an adjective will get the answer using an adverb. This is a method used to help students understand how to use adjectives and adverbs properly. However, students need to be aware that the meanings are not always obvious. There are many instances when students cannot tell one from the other. Using these worksheets in third grade will help them learn this.

Once students understand their meanings, they can learn how to use their adverbs or adjectives. Students need to learn how to use these correctly because they will be faced with a lot of situations where they will be called upon to use one or the other. The topics are divided into main subjects. The names are in bold and the meanings are underneath the name. In addition, there are several words that students need to learn about as they progress in school. This includes verbs, verbs of motion, nouns, verbs of action, and nouns of action.

Adjective worksheets for third grade

Grade 3 Adjectives Worksheets
Grade 3 Adjectives Worksheets

The worksheets below provide practice in recognizing and using adjectives (words that describe nouns).  The last 2 sets of worksheets focus on comparative (“er” and “est”) adjectives.  These worksheets will also help with vocabulary development.

Adjectives practice

  • Identifying adjectives – identify adjectives and the nouns they describe in sentences
  • Adjectives and nouns – identify the nouns and adjectives in a list of words
  • Using adjectives in sentences – complete the sentences with adjectives from the word bank
  • Writing adjectives – make sentences more interesting with adjectives
  • Adjectives in texts – find all the adjectives in the story

Comparing with adjectives

  • Comparing with adjectives – fewer vs lessmore vs manybetter vs good
  • Adjectives with “er” and “est” – choose the right form of the adjective in each sentence
  • Comparative adjectives – normal, comparative and superlative adjectives

Photos of the Grade 3 Adjectives Worksheets

Grade 3 Adjectives Worksheets

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