Grade 2 Nouns Worksheets

Grade 2 Nouns Worksheets

Nouns worksheets for second grade are available to help the children to master and retain their knowledge. When the children start learning in second grade, they are more focused on learning words and phrases. As an effort to increase their learning capabilities, it is important that the students are helped to be able to read a number of sentences without missing out on any important details. For this purpose, worksheets are created with all the important details for reading the same sentence or paragraph in more detail. Some of the basic words and phrases that these worksheets deal with are the nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, articles, numbers, and times and dates.

The online workbooks can be downloaded from the internet and can be used by the students as well as by the teachers. These worksheets include different exercises like creating a tree, counting letter of the alphabet, making simple shapes, and drawing lines and circles. These exercise can be practiced by the students before they move on to the next level of reading and spelling. The worksheets can also be downloaded from the websites and can be accessed for free by the students. They can practice all the basics and their mastery can be evaluated in terms of their word skills.

There are some students who may have had a lot of difficulty in mastering some of the things that are taught in the classroom. These students should also be given opportunities to use the worksheets in the classroom to strengthen their words and learning capabilities. The teacher can check the progress of the students after each lesson by being present. A good curriculum requires the involvement of the student in the classroom activities. They should be able to retain the information, which they have learned from the lessons in the classroom. Therefore, students should not have to wait for an entire year to gain the basics of learning basic words and phrases.

Nouns worksheets for second grade

Grade 2 Nouns Worksheets
Grade 2 Nouns Worksheets

These worksheets review nouns as a person, place or thing, common and proper nouns, singular and plural forms of nouns, irregular nouns, and collective nouns.  All worksheets are free and printable pdf files.

Identifying and using nouns

  • Nouns as a person, place or thing – circle the words that are nouns
  • Nouns in sentences – circle the nouns in each sentence
  • Identifying & writing nouns – circle the nouns; write sentences with your own nouns
  • Using nouns – complete the sentences using nouns from a word bank

Common and proper nouns

  • Proper nouns – complete the story with proper nouns
  • Common vs proper nouns – identify common and proper nouns in the sentences

Singular and plural nouns

  • Singular vs plural nouns – identify which nouns are singular and which are plural
  • Making nouns plural – add “s” or “es” to make the nouns plural
  • Nouns ending in ‘y’ – Make nouns ending in ‘y’ plural.
  • Nouns ending in a vowel plus ‘y’ – Make nouns ending in a vowel plus ‘y’ plural.
  • Irregular plural nouns – match the singular and plural forms of irregular verbs
  • Using irregular plural nouns – write the plural form of the irregular nouns in sentences

Collective nouns

  • Identify collective nouns -identify the collective nouns in the sentences
  • Write collective nouns – complete the sentences with collective nouns