Grade 2 Capitalization Worksheets

Grade 2 Capitalization Worksheets is great for students to use in the classroom. While students can work hard to get by, many can’t write as fast or as effectively as they did in their older years. Using a worksheet allows students to be able to put their ideas down on paper with the same amount of confidence that they used to use when they were working on complicated assignments.

So, what is the best way to teach English in a second grade class? You could move the beginning of the English language up in the year, which makes it easier to teach those students who already know the main rules of grammar. You could have the students start at the same level and move them up one letter at a time until they reach the first letter of English, or English spelling. Once they reach this point, it becomes less important to use the letters in capital letters. Use the letters they already know, and use them for auxiliary verbs, and all the other things that are needed in English, or in Spanish.

I think it is fine to teach this in Spanish, but is not necessary. Students can move around the class and learn English at the same time. If you want to introduce it slowly, just find a Spanish word that has no letters in capitals, and teach students how to say it with the right tone of voice, and say it to a class of students, and they will get it pretty quickly.

Capital letters for second grade

Grade 2 Capitalization Worksheets
Grade 2 Capitalization Worksheets

These worksheets cover topics related to the proper use of capital letters including capitalizing days of the week, months, holidays, place names and titles of movies and books.

  • Capitalization days and holidays – rewrite the days, months or holidays with capital letters
  • Capitalize titles – rewrite the sentences with titles of books and movies and brand names capitalized
  • Capitalize place names – rewrite the sentences capitalizing names of specific places

Photos of the Grade 2 Capitalization Worksheets

Grade 2 Capitalization Worksheets

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