Grade 1 Parts of Speech Worksheets

Grade 1 Parts of Speech Worksheets – The more parts of speech worksheets for first grade can be very handy. There are a lot of lessons and worksheets that are available, but the teachers need to choose what is best for the child. First of all, the age of the child needs to be taken into consideration. The worksheets for the first grade do not have to be anything fancy. It can be a simple, straightforward lesson on making a paper boat or putting numbers in boxes.

Some of the basic sounds that are taught in preschool can be used as an example in kindergarten, but these types of sounds have to be changed to other ones. A few examples of sound files are baby, letter ‘h’, and mom. This helps the teacher is able to help her child be able to make connections between the different parts of speech. After all, they have to know how to read. They need to be able to read fluently.

By the time the child reaches elementary level, they already have all the basics of reading in them. When it comes to the more complex words, they need to know what the proper pronunciation is. They also need to know the meaning of the words as well. The worksheets for first grade are just there for the purpose of teaching the child. They should not take up too much time and energy on the part of the teacher.

More parts of speech worksheets for first grade

Grade 1 Parts of Speech Worksheets
Grade 1 Parts of Speech Worksheets

These worksheets review the differences between nouns, verbs and adjectives as well as introducing articles (the, an, an), demonstratives (this, that)  and prepositions (during, beyond).  They compliment our earlier noun, pronoun, verb and adjective worksheets.

Verbs, nouns and adjectives

  • Noun or verb?  Is the underlined word a noun or a verb?
  • Nouns and adjectives:  Write a noun for each adjective
  • Nouns, verbs & adjectives:  identify the different parts of speech

Articles and determiners

  • Articles ‘a” and “an”: choose between “a” or “an” in each sentence
  • A,an & the: choose between “a”, “an” or “the” in each sentence
  • This, that, these, those: select the right word
  • Enough, either:  select the right word


  • Prepositions and location: look at the picture and choose the right proposition (beside, under …)
  • Using prepositions: complete the sentences with a preposition

Photos of the Grade 1 Parts of Speech Worksheets

Grade 1 Parts of Speech Worksheets

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