Grade 1 Nouns Worksheets

Grade 1 Nouns Worksheets

When it comes to teaching the children in first grade, nouns worksheets are a valuable resource. In this age, most children have their own mobile phones and they are not so concerned with what other people think about them. They will go to the convenience of their mobile phone and share information with others. This could be one of the reasons why they often use the social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter for information gathering and sharing.

A classroom that is filled with these children will provide an environment where the children will be interested in small stories about characters. Many of these stories may consist of a central character who interacts with a number of different characters and themes. The primary character will interact with another character, which represents the main theme of the story. These worksheets for first grade will contain a list of both nouns and verbs, and other elements to help with the development of these concepts. The ability to describe objects and actions with nouns will help the students develop the skills needed to use the English language.

The instruction that goes along with the worksheets for first grade will cover all the concepts that are needed to build a foundation for a term grammar. During the first year of first grade, the instructions will focus on improving reading and writing skills. It is the goal of the teacher to help the children to master the written English language. Teaching them the skills that are needed to use this language, such as verbs, nouns, adjectives, and adverbs, will help them in developing their skills to speak and write. The whole purpose of the worksheets for first grade is to help the children develop these skills so that they can be better prepared to speak and write in English. This approach will help to prepare the children to take the next step of their education when they enter high school.

Nouns Worksheets for First Grade

Grade 1 Nouns Worksheets
Grade 1 Nouns Worksheets

These worksheets introduce nouns as words for people, places and things.  The focus is on identifying simple nouns either in isolation or in a sentence.  Plural and possessive nouns are introduced.

Identifying and using nouns

  • Identifying nouns:  circle the words which are a person, place or thing
  • Identifying nouns in sentences: read the sentences and circle the nouns
  • Using nouns: use nouns to complete the sentences
  • Writing sentences with nouns: identify nouns in your own sentences

Plural nouns

  • Identifying plural nouns: circle words there is “more than one”
  • Singular vs plural nouns: underline singular nouns, circle plural nouns
  • Writing plural nouns: add “s” or “es” to make nouns plural
  • Matching the verb:  choose the noun that agrees with the verb

Proper nouns

  • Proper vs common nouns: write “common” or “proper” next to each noun
  • Capitals and proper nouns: use capital letters for proper nouns

Possessive nouns

  • Making a noun possessive: add apostrophe & “s” to make nouns possessive