Grade 1 Adjectives Worksheets

Grade 1 Adjectives Worksheets is made by using the basic form of writing which is for them to meet the needs of the learner. These will not be too difficult for the children to follow since the instructions are easy to follow and one can always ask questions. One should include the worksheets for first grade in the daily activities that the children perform and then see whether the child understands these instructions. One can ask the child to memorize the rules of the alphabet as well as the numbers and the amount of calories needed by each meal.

The same principles apply for math and science lessons as well. The lesson plan that can be developed for these worksheets for first grade is available on the Internet.

The children will learn the same rules of grammar that the adult uses while answering the worksheets for first grade.

Adjectives worksheets for first grade

  • Identifying adjectives: circle the words in the list that are adjectives
  • Common adjectives: choose the adjective that describes the picture
  • Choosing adjectives: choose a different adjective for each picture
  • Using adjectives: complete the sentences with adjectives from the word bank
  • Writing adjectives: add an adjective to each sentence
  • Writing sentences with adjectives: write your own full sentences with adjectives

Photos of the Grade 1 Adjectives Worksheets


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