Capitalization Worksheets

The Capitalization Worksheets for the Scrabble game is an easy and effective way to learn how to play the popular game of Scrabble in a fun, educational way. When you learn the fundamentals of Scrabble in a fun, hands-on way using the Capitalize Worksheets, you will soon find yourself competing against opponents from all around the world who are better than you and getting a much needed boost of confidence and competence.

In a time when many people are struggling to keep their heads above water, learning to master the game of Scrabble is a great way to help yourself out and show off your talents in a fun and fast paced setting. Those who compete and win in tournaments and games alike know how much the game of Scrabble can make a difference in your overall confidence level.

You can easily move up the ladder of the Scrabble pyramid as long as you know how to prepare yourself to take on the tough competition that you will find on the Scrabble website. By learning from one of the many Capitalize Worksheets, you can easily pick up the basics of the game as well as practice your skills with other Scrabble players around the world. With Capitalize Worksheets, you can learn and practice at your own pace and still enjoy the competitive edge you will get as a result.

Free capitalization worksheets

Capitalization Worksheets
Capitalization Worksheets

These worksheets review the rules for using capital letters in dates, letters and texts.  All worksheets are printable pdf files.

Kindergarten capital letters worksheets

  • Capitalize the first word of sentences
  • Capitalizing special words

Grade 1 capitalization worksheets

  • Capital letters for proper names
  • Capitalizing the first letter of sentences
  • Capitalizing dates

Grade 2 capitalization worksheets

  • Capitalization days and holidays
  • Capitalize titles (books, movies, brand names)
  • Capitalize place names

Grade 3 capitalization worksheets

  • Capital letters and titles
  • Capital letters and addresses
  • Capitalization practice with longer texts

Grade 4 capitalization worksheets

  • Subjects, titles and brands
  • Seasons, holidays and directions
  • Fixing capitalization errors


Photos of the Capitalization Worksheets

Capitalization Worksheets

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