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Adjective Worksheets – Here is a list of adjectives and adverbs that should always be included in your next Worksheet. The reason for this is because these are the words and phrases that will bring out the best from your creative work. So if you haven’t yet completed your Worksheet, you need to do it now. But I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t start right away because it can be a little overwhelming at first. So what should you look for?

If you have ever watched the news, you know that there are many words that don’t exist yet, and then there are also many that are already here, but yet to be used. There are also words that have just been coined, and there are also ones that still need to be coined. And these words can be found in the Words and Phrases section of your Worksheet. Your Worksheet should include the best of these new words, as well as the creative phrases you could use to describe them. It is always important to have a good word or phrase in front of you. There is nothing better than having a phrase ready to go.

Next on the list of great adverbs is one with -ly, -able, -est, and -ly. These four words are used to emphasize the end of a thought, or the beginning of a thought. They create a tone that makes the reader want to continue reading on. You can also use one of these adverbs as an adjective when describing the fact of something. There are many creative worksheets available online that can help you create the most creative worksheets you possibly can.

Free adjective worksheets


These grammar worksheets help grade 1-3 students learn to recognize and use adjectives. Adjectives are words that describe nouns. All worksheets are pdf files; multiple versions of some worksheets are provided for additional practice.

Grade 1 adjectives worksheets

  • Identifying adjectives from a list of words
  • Choosing adjectives to describe pictures
  • Completing sentences with adjectives from a word bank
  • Write sentences with adjectives

Grade 2 adjectives worksheets

  • Identifying adjectives from a list of words
  • Identifying adjectives in sentences
  • Adjectives which come after nouns
  • Writing sentences with adjectives
  • Using 2 adjectives in a sentence
  • Comparative adjectives
  • Alliterations

Grade 3 adjectives worksheets

  • Identifying adjectives in sentences
  • Identifying adjective and nouns from a list
  • Complete sentences with adjectives
  • Writing adjectives to make sentences more interesting
  • Comparing with adjectives
  • Comparative and superlative adjectives

Grade 4 adjectives worksheets

  • Order of adjectives
  • Adjectives and linking verbs

Grade 5 adjectives worksheets

  • Ordering adjectives
  • Prepositional phrases as adjectives
  • Comparative and superlative adjectives
  • Using hyperbole


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